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Welcome to Mobile Legends!
Do you really want to grind that many hours into Mythic tier (again) ? Or were you always not lucky enough to get your dream skins. Now you can, get your accounts, skins and top-ups here!
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Epic time limited : Freya, Selena (Virus), Selena (Thunder), Karrie (Gill-Girl) Venom : Gusion, Grock STUN : Full Blazing bounties : Layla Dragon Tamer : Valir Saber : Johnson Zodiac : Selena
Legend : Gusion KOF : Aurora, Karina Ask before buy. Any additional information WhatsApp me +6281805052098
The account is currently in Mythic V Heroes 77 Skins 85 4 epic 5 special 2 Kof Kimmy limited epic skin
REALLY GOOD PROFILE FOR CHEAP PRICE! 4'000 diamonds free , name change card ,flag change card everything! Come take closer look:) LEGEND GUSION SKIN AND MIYA'S SKIN FULL KOF 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
======⭐Welcome to my Shop⭐====== I am Legend Tier Seller meaning, I sold Premium Accounts ranging from $600 - $1200. Additionally, there is a "BLUE CHECK MARK" beside my name. Meaning, I am a Verified Seller! I am a seller also in 3 other different sites and had sold 200+ Premium Accounts. ALL GUARANTEED SAFE⭐ ==================================== ⬇️Please copy the link below for photos⬇️ >---->http://imgur.com/a/ngI13hs<----< Details of the account: -SERVER: GLOBAL ⭐ -DEVICE: IOS & ANDROID⭐ -Complete Heroes (108) -Complete Max Emblems -Complete Seasonal Skins -Complete Starlight Skins -Complete Normal Skins -Complete Lightborn Squad Skins -Complete DragonTamer Squad Skins -Complete Venom Squad Skins -Complete STUN Squad Skins -Complete BlazingBounty Squad Skins -Complete Saber Squad Skins -Complete Zodiac Squad Skins -Complete KOF1 & KOF2 -Almost Complete Elite Skins (only 2 missing- Hilda & Rafaela) -Almost Complete Special Skins (only 7 missing- Bruno, Tigreal, Cecilion, Carmilla, Jawhead, Harley & Fanny) -Almost Complete Epic Shop Skins (only 1 missing- Change VineYard Cradle) -LESLEY ANGELIC LEGEND SKIN⭐ -GUSION COSMIC LEGEND SKIN⭐ -ALUCARD OBSIDIAN LEGEND SKIN⭐ -SABER CODENAME LEGEND SKIN⭐ -GORD CONQUEROR LEGEND SKIN⭐ -7 Collector Skins (Granger, Ling, YishunShin, Wanwan, Badang, Pharsa, Khufra) -50 More Epic Limited Skins (SEE LINK)⭐ -Many Special, Elite & Normal Skins (SEE LINK) ⭐⭐⭐A TOTAL OF 500 SKINS⭐⭐⭐ Additional details of the account: -HIGHEST 200 STARS MYTHICAL GLORY (equivalent to 2400 Mythical Glory Points) -Mythical Glory Record S18 - S21 -Decent All Season Winrate -HIGH WINRATE HEROES (SEE LINK) -HIGH MMR HEROES (SEE LINK) -CALAMITY'S END ELIMINATION EFFECT ⭐ -MCL Grand Champion Trophy⭐ -665.5K Charisma Points⭐ -Many Battle Emotes (AlterEgo, Onix, AuraFire, EVOS, RRQ) -Many more Awesome Spawn, Recall, Elimination Effects (SEE LINK) ➡️THIS ACCOUNT IS CLEAN BIND. ONLY MOONTOON AND CAN BE EASILY BINDED TO YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS. ML ID# IS NOT SHOWN TO AVOID HACKERS⬅️ For more information contact me... @Whats App +639610372933 @Telegram +639368335142 @Viber +639368335142 Also, I am always online here so feel free to send me a message UNLESS I am sleeping.
Legend : Granger, Gusion, Alucard Collector : Gusion, Angela, Badang, Yu Zhong Skin HERO : Lancelot KOF : FULL 22 epic limited : Claude, Hayabusa, Harith (evos), Vexana, Lancelot (bren), Gatotkaca, Akai, Kagura, Guinevere, Estes, Moskov, Irithel, Uranus, Alucard, Freya, Franco, Kaja, Johnson, Chang'e, Ruby, Kimmy, Roger (Cyorg Werewolf) Ask before buy. Any additional information pm/WhatsApp me +6281805052098
Legend : Gusion, Miya HERO : Vale, Chou Collector : Benedetta, Granger, Balmond, Angela, Parsha Zodiac : Full Epic limited : Roger (Dr. Beast), Saber, Hanabi, Karrie (gill-girl), Selena (Virus), Harith (Evos), Gatotkaca, Zilong, Freya, Chang'e KOF : Gusion, Guinevere, Karina, Aurora
Legend : Gusion Collector : Granger KOF : Chou, Karina Transformers : Xborg Epic limited : Selena (Virus, Thunder), Kagura, Kimmy, Alucard, Chang'e Venom : Harley, Gusion Saber : Cyclops Dragon Tamer : FULL Blazing bounties : Aldous, Claude, Esmeralda STUN : Chou, Selena
Epic limit : karina, ruby, epic shop : layla (2), cyclops, grock, freya, colector wanwan, karina KOF , zodiak zhask Spesial and elite have many Mmr wanwan 3850 Mmr xborg 3700
LVL54 - Epic Limit Lancelot, Change | Epic Shop Gusion,Moskov,Aldous,Kimmy | 1 Special | 2 Starlight | 33 Heroes/49 Skins/7 Emblems | Bp 6k INFO ACCOUNT Device📲 Android/Emulator & iOS Current Rank: Legend 4 (Season 21) Highest Rank: Legend 3 All Seasons Winrate: 1072 - 54.20% Emblem: 7 Emblems 55 Magic Points,Emote Geek IMAGE DETAIL : 🔥 ALL SKINS 🔥 Epic Limit : Lancelot, Change Kof : Karina Epic Shop : Gusion,Moskov,Aldous,Kimmy SPECIAL : 1 Starlight : 2 515 : Harith Elite : 7 Check Full Pictures for more details 🔗Connected with Moonton Account and Ready to change the Moonton Email🔗