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READ PLEASE!!! Before you buy an account, please contact us first via message, and don't forget to send it to us Unique code for each account Server: (America OR NA) Code: 345221 AR: 45 Available for PC/iSO/Android - Mora : 1244543 Primogems : 2.349 Character 5 Stars Keqing Lv.80 , Klee Lv.1 , Skyward Pride Lv.60 many 4 stars characters -Razor cons.1 -Noelle cons.3 -Amber cons.1 -Xingqiu cons.2 -Xianling cons.4 -Barbara cons.4 -Mc Female Geo cons max -Sucrose cons.5 for more details, you can see the screenshot If the link is broken, you can contact us to get a screenshot of the account you want 👉 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OApEyRNJeQCsuajUzmIVJZzYU0pVOPSz?usp=sharing Always online, except while sleeping, Time GMT+7
UPDATED LIST - AS OF 3/5/2021 - Genshin Impact - ASIA Server Accounts - Kindly visit the links provided on each account for further details. - These accounts are available as long you can access the links - From Highest to Lowest Price AR10 - Diluc + Qiqi + Sucrose C2 + 72/90 Event Banner - Sure Hu Tao - $35 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR10-Diluc-Qiqi-7290-Event-Banner-Sure-Hu-Tao-16773 AR20 - Xiao C1 + Qiqi + Primordial Jade Cutter - $30 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR20-Xiao-C1-Primordial-Jade-Cutter-Qiqi-15324 AR10 - Albedo C1 + Mona - $30 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR10-Albedo-C1-Mona-Starter-Account-16476 AR10 - Xiao + Venti - $25 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR10-Xiao-Venti-Starter-Account-17225 AR19 - Venti w/ Stringless + Diluc + Skyward Blade - Sure Hu Tao - $25 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR19-Venti-Diluc-Skyward-Blade-Starter-Sure-Hu-Tao-16011 AR35 - Klee + Mona + 75/90 Event Banner - Sure Hu Tao - $25 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR35-Klee-Mona-Skyward-Spine-Sure-Hu-Tao-High-Pity-Count-16554 AR24 - Xiao + Primordial Jade Spear - $25 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR24-Xiao-Primordial-Jade-Spear-15327 AR7 - Albedo + Qiqi - Guaranteed Event Banner - Sure Hu Tao - $25 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR7-Albedo-Qiqi-Starter-Sure-Hu-Tao-15851 AR10 - Xiao + Qiqi + Sucrose C2 + Bennett C1 - $20 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR10-Xiao-Qiqi-Sucrose-C2-Bennett-C1-Fischl-C1-15326 AR25 - Ganyu + Skyward Harp - $20 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR25-Ganyu-Skyward-Harp-15321 AR10 - Venti + Jean - Guaranteed Event Banner - $20 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR10-Venti-Jean-Starter-Guaranteed-Event-Banner-17224 AR11 - Hu Tao + Jean - $20 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR11-Hu-Tao-Jean-Starter-Account-16983 AR21 - Hu Tao + Qiqi - $20 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR21-Hu-Tao-Qiqi-Starter-Account-16962 AR10 - Xiao + Jean - $20 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR10-Xiao-Jean-Starter-Account-16229 AR12 - Venti + Diona C2 - 58/90 Event Banner - $18 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR12-Venti-Starter-High-Pity-Count-16771 AR7 - Zhongli + Noelle C1 - 30/90 Event Banner - $13 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR7-Zhongli-Starter-17102 AR7 - Venti + Fischl C2 - $13 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR7-Venti-Starter-16289 AR10 - Zhongli + Ningguang C1 - $13 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR10-Zhongli-Starter-Account-17002 AR7 - Hu Tao + Xiangling C1 - $10 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR7-Hu-Tao-Starter-Account-17108 AR7 - Hu Tao + Barbara C2 + Chongyun C1 - $10 https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR7-Hu-Tao-Starter-Account-16971 SPECIAL OFFER / RUSH PRICE: AR10 - Qiqi + Primordial Jade Spear - FROM $30 TO $20 ONLY 49/90 Event Banner - Sure Hu Tao - Unset Username https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR10-Qiqi-Primordial-Jade-Spear-Starter-Sure-Hu-Tao-Mid-Count-Pity-16769 I also offer: (NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL 3/8/2021) - Pilot Services - Pre-ordered Accounts / Special request (if you are looking for a specific lineup/character) Hit the "Heart" button and stay updated with newly released accounts. Feel free to send me a message if you are interested :)
READ PLEASE!!! Before you buy an account, please contact us first via message, and don't forget to send it to us Unique code for each account login only with username and password Server: (Americca) Code: 628999 AR: 42 Available for PC/IOS/Android Primogem: 123 Mora: 16999146 Character *5 Qiqi lv.80, *5 Klee lv.60, *5 Mona lv.70, *5 Venti lv.43, *5 Jean lv.28, *5 Keqing lv.20, *5 Childe lv.1, *5 Wolf.s Gravestone lv.70, *5 Aquila Favonia lv.1 lots of artifacts many 4 stars characters for more details, you can see the screenshot If the link is broken, you can contact us to get a screenshot of the account you want 👉 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10Jvqn-elTDsQcsyNhwuYODmbcI1iUFRL?usp=sharing Always online, except while sleeping, Time GMT+7
8 elite pass and all elite Incubator grandprize shotgun and kit All legendary guns Best kits
You can contact me in abv ni_w@abv.bg #QR9R222L8 Go ahead and buy it. It is just 3.90 dollars
Really need money this time.. 100% Legit, contact me anytime you can email me at oretneprac2019@gmail.com
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Im selling my account that includes both og Twitch Prime packs, the orange justice and more things. It includes somo more skins.
Hi Im selling my account because i dont play Fortnite more. My account has 126 skins inclusing rare pickaxes like hter minty and the glow skin. Also includes somo og ps plus skins.
Looking to trade this genshin impact account! Looking for any account with Venti, Zhongli, or Klee :) My discord is 3m1ly03#5757 AR 25 5 star characters: C1 Keqing C0 Jean 4 star characters: C0 Xingqiu C1 Fischl C1 Barbara C1 Xinyan C0 Amber C0 Noelle C0 Ningguang C0 Chongyun C0 Kaeya C0 Lisa Story quest unfinished Untouched fragile resin
This account has lots of skins and emotes. It is used for smurfing. It has 150 pr.
AR10 - QIQI + PRIMORDIAL JADE SPEAR 49/90 EVENT BANNER - SURE HU TAO UNSET USERNAME AND BIRTHDAY FROM $30 TO $20 ONLY CHECK IT OUT :) https://zeusx.com/Genshin-Impact/ASIA-AR10-Qiqi-Primordial-Jade-Spear-Starter-Sure-Hu-Tao-Mid-Count-Pity-16769
Mid Game Good Combo AR23 ⭐5 Characters : Diluc & Hutao ⭐5 Weap : Staff of Homa - Mihoyo Username Linked - Has a Blessing of the Welkin Moon 20+ Days left (Can provide a receipt of purchases) - Unused 2x bonus topup - Unset Birthday If you need more details of it, please contact me on message or : Discord : adkurV#6184 Messenger : m.me/adkurn
⭐ PM ME FIRST IF INTERESTED ⭐ •Server : •AR : •Top Up : •Blessing : Never/sisa hari •BD : set/unset •Username : set/unset •Pity Event : •Pity Weapon : •Pity Standard : •Character ⭐5 : Jean, Klee, Xiao ⭐4 Cons : Ningguang C6, Fishcl C4 •Weapon ⭐5 : Primodial Cutter, Aquila ⭐4 : look screenshot
IGN : VanessaJanica Has decent stats in; Islands Jailbreak Build a Boat and other games. Has a total Robux Spent summary of 46k (all on cosmetics and gamepasses) The original price is $120 but I'm selling it for only $45 now.
My Contact:Im a Troll#8772 (Discord) the remaining brawlers for max only need money except byron and collete.
Tons of limited time epic skins, 2 Legend skins (Lesley and one magic crystal), complete KOF except Guin, decent win rates overall, 125 mythic stars or 1250 points highest rank.
You don't have to buy this, I'm trying to delete the old post but I'm looking for any AR Qiqi, Klee, Ganyu, or even a Hu Tao. To trade DM my cord (PS4 ONLY) if you can't add my PS4 acc (AmberleyBerry) ૮₍˶• . • ⑅₎ა#7144
Hutao with C1 Mona. C1 Mona is a good combo for a burst type pyro character like Hutao! Both will do crazy damage :)
AR10 Hutao, 35/80 on weapon banner (might get Staff of Homa). The MC is female. With Dragon’s Bane and Lithic spear
Brawl Stars Account With 11.029 Trophies,34 gems and 34 brawlers for Just $10.60.What are you waitinv for??Buy It now for Just $10.60 .
Full change of data, full access. The best account for you, the strongest characters in the game with strong weapons. Staff of Homa ( 5 )
Full change of data, full access. The best account for you, the strongest characters in the game with strong weapons.
Sorry for the bad photo quality i don’t want to play the game anymore so I’m selling it Still have 15 days of moon blessing
Looking to trade either of these accounts for Zhongli and or Ganyu with her best weapon or both characters!
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