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Per Region Exploration (Standard) (Can Request, Central Plains Excluded)

Average Response Time: TBD

Exploration Services:


Express Package:
- Per Region: $6.06
- Central Plains: $12.12
- Full Map: $66.65


Standard Package: 
- Per Region: $3.03
- Central Plains: $6.06
- Full Map: $33.33


Economy Package:
- Per Region: $1.51
- Central Plains: $3.03
- Full Map: $16.66


Data Bank Services:
- Level 1-10: $3.03


Union Level Services:


Express Package:
- Per 10 Levels: $6.06


Standard Package:
- Per 10 Levels: $3.03


Economy Package:
- Per 10 Levels: $1.51


Account Management:
- Daily Maintenance: $0.30


Additional Notes:
- Prices are flexible to fit your budget: Express takes 1 week, Standard takes 2 weeks, and Economy takes 4 weeks for completion
- If you can't pay for the (Express) fee, you can pay less but with the cost of waiting longer
- Main Quest and Side Quest completion is complimentary with Union Level orders.
- Echoes farming is provided until satisfactory for standard character building with Data Bank orders.
- Account management includes daily activities, quests, and Resin management for Account Boosting services.
- For Union Level services, all required quests to raise Union Level will be completed.
- Don't worry about losing your account, I have 2 different UL 40 Accounts and doesn't even want to have more of it xD
- Our team has grown rapidly since last Thursday and now serves over 20 clients. With a team of 5, we ensure efficient service tailored per client.
- Interested? Direct message me for more details!

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