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99.9% CR (up to 100) High End Account Lexington Server (Many L2D skins)

Average Response Time: TBD

Contact me on disc. - xoohi



99.9% CR (up to 100) High End Account Lexington Server

Im selling this account because I don’t have much time to play the game anymore. It has every ship besides Houston II (have not farmed chapter 15 but this acc should be able to easily clear)

Up to 100%CR.

Full collabs: DOA, Gridman, Atelier, Senran Kagura

Tons of paid L2D skins and oathed ships

Has many UR gear and over 1500 cubes as this account has been perfectly maintained. Around 500 more cubes are reserved in the mail plus gold and oil

All PRs completed.

Dorm is completed maxed. Has every furniture set. (You will never run out of coins in the dorm)

All meta ships built and most oathed

Screneshots - imgur.com/a/JL6qp0n

Item Type
Azur Lane Accounts
Delivery Method
Current Account Binding
Unbounded Account/phone
Estimated delivery time
1 Hour
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