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account: https://www.roblox.com/users/903558642/profile max lvl in ro ghoul have somoe pets in adopt me lvl 179 in dungeon quest lvl 113 in arsenal with very skin 42 weapon skin,33 skin with legendary skin and epics some rare have some emote,12 melee with 4 legendary have grand piece online with fruit bag lvl 80 level over 500 in various one piece games lvl 3200 in king piece with 39M money and 1 Diamond and using magma blox fruit lvl 400 i dont like the game
I spent a lot of time on this account i played it for 1 year it has many items such as black short hair w/ thin bangs etc Outfits and many many more , gamepasses such as Brookhaven premium, legendary weapon such as mermaids rath,etc
I have black hawk, volt bike, spent over 20k robux. Has seasons passes and levels up a lot. Has some old retired vehicles like dune buggy and Bugatti. I also have roadster,lambo. I basically have a lot of vehicles and has 100k cash currently. Own every weapon. Also I have lots of friends and vips that could grind in and play with. Overall this account took me 2 years.
You will get a random account which has a 4 letter username and is unverified - no email or number is connected! no one sells 4letter usernames which are unverified and which are not hacked or stolen, that's why there is literally no actual price limit and the date of creation also plays a very important role in determining the price of a certain account. These are 2017 accs! Please confirm with me on discord or insta so I can deliver it faster - WhX#6651 or @axbxu We can discuss payment methods and discounts
800 worth robux acc, with mm2 stuff and adopt me stuff!
This account also has goodies in games like, KAT, Piggy, and Adopt me. Has a group with almost 400 members, 100+ followers, Purple Valk, Korblox.
i got items from 70 to 300 robux. there are passes and other's