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6Leg | 11.11Haya | AbyssSele | ChouLibra | 4KOF | 3Transformers | 19 Time Limited Epic skins and more

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121 Borders
Legend Granger Starfall Knight Avatar Border
Legend Saber Codename Storm Avatar Border
Legend Miya Modena Butterfly Avatar Border
Legend Gord Conqueror Avatar Border
Legend Gusion Cosmic Gleam Avatar Border
Legend Valir Infernal Blaze Avatar Border
2023 StarLight Fest Avatar Border
M5 Glory Avatar Border
Aetheria Avatar Border
Myanmar Community Star Avatar Border
Shine! Atomic Pop! Avatar Border
Wondrous Romance Avatar Border
Jujutsu Kaisen Avatar Border
StarLight Member Avatar Border
Dragon spirit arrives Avatar Border
Magic Echo Avatar Border
The World of Kung Fu Avatar Border
Saint Seiya Avatar Border
Hyper Blend Avatar Border
Spear of Vengeance Avatar Border
Forsaken Light Avatar Border
Fight! M-World! Avatar Border
Hero of Overdrive Avatar Border
Fantastic Party, Cinnamoroll Lite/Special Avatar Border
Miss Hikari Avatar Border
Blade of Kibou Avatar Border
Crimson Moment Avatar Border
M3 Glorious Avatar Border
2021 Thadingyut Festival Avatar Border
Autobot Avatar Border
MLBB X Star Wars Avatar Border
Future Strikes Avatar Border
Stormy Moment Avatar Border
Thadingyut Festival Avatar Border
Blazing West Avatar Border
Blazing Bounties Avatar Border
The Rolling Thunder Avatar Border
Sword Out Avatar Border
Dragon Tamer Avatar Border
2020 Valentine Esmeralda/Khufra Avatar Border
Spring Festival Avatar Border
Abyssal Avatar Border
2019 Summer Festival Claude/Fanny Avatar Border
V.E.N.O.M Avatar Border
Bling Ring Avatar Border
2019 MSC Avatar Border
MSC Avatar Border
KOF Avatar Border
2019 Valentine Gusion/Lesley Avatar Border
2018 Summer Festival Hayabusa/Kagura Avatar Border
S.A.B.E.R Avatar Border
2018 MPL Avatar Border
Conqueror of Dawn Avatar Border
Eudora Vivo Selfie Goddess Avatar Border
Primary Fan Avatar Border
123 Heroes
454 Skins
Current Rank Epic 2
Highest Rank Mythical Glory 92*
Franco Main 1072 Matches 57%
Total Matches 15780 53.95%
Classic Matches 2133 55.27%
Ranked Matches 13647 53.74%
Emblem MAX

6 Legend Skins
Legemd Granger Starfall Knight
Legend Gusion Cosmic Gleam
Legend Valir Infernal Blaze
Legend Gord Conqueror 
Legend Miya Modena Butterfly
Legend Saber Codename - Storm

11.11 Hayabusa Shura
Abyss Selena Lady Vengeance
SaintSeiya Chou Libra Shiryu
SaintSeiya Badang Pegasus Seiya
KOF Gusion
KOF Guinevere
KOF Aurora
KOF Karina
Sanrio Angela Heartstring
Sanrio Floryn Fluffy Dream
Aspirants Layla Miss Hikari
Exorcist Yu Zhong
Starwars Kimmy First Order Jet Trooper
Transformers Popal and Kupa Soundwave & Ravage
Transformers X.Borg Bumblebee
Transformers Roger Grimlock
M1 Aldous King of Supremacy
M3 Roger Phantom Ranger
Neymar Jr Bruno Halo Striker
KungFuPanda Thamuz General Kai
Collector Silvanna Queen Frost

19 Time Limited Epic Skins
Time Limited Epic Martis God of War
Time Limited Epic Hanabi Rakshesha
Time Limited Epic Fanny Skylark
Time Limited Epic Franco Valhalla Ruler
Time Limited Epic Johnson Wreck King
Time Limited Epic Diggie Fairytaler
Time Limited Epic Saber Onimaru
Time Limited Epic Kimmy Astrocat
Time Limited Epic Uranus Video-Game Dominator
Time Limited Epic Chang`e Lunar Magic
Time Limited Epic Karina Doom Duelist
Time Limited Epic Vexana Sanguine Rose
Time Limited Epic Lancelot Royal Matador
Time Limited Epic Alice Wizardry Teacher
Time Limited Epic Hylos Iron Steed
Time Limited Epic Selena Thunder Flash
Time Limited Epic Odette Mermaid Princess
Time Limited Epic Eudora Emerald Enchantress
Time Limited Epic Chou Dragon Boy
Annual Starlight Angela Avatar of Time
Annual Starlight Gord No.1 Controller
Annual Starlight Kagura Water Lily
Annual Starlight Hayabusa Experiment 21

Valentine Fanny Heart Afloat
M-World Yin
M-World Wanwan
S.T.U.N Selena
S.T.U.N Chou
S.T.U.N Brody
Zodiac Selena
Zodiac Irithel
Zodiac Lunox
Zodiac Lancelot
Lightborn Fanny
Lightborn Alucard


30 Shop Epic Skins
Epic Lunox Eyes of Eternity
Epic Zilong Glorious General
Epic Nana Mecha Baby
Epic Irithel Hellfire
Epic Saber SABER

Epic Layla SABER
Epic Cyclops SABER
Epic Johnson SABER
Epic Rafaela SABER
Epic Gusion Soul Revelation

Epic Rafaela Flower Fairy
Epic Lunox Dawn Revelation
Epic Kimmy Frost Wing
Epic Ling Night Shade
Epic Valir Draconic Flame

Epic Masha Dragon Armor
Epic Estes Rattan Dragon
Epic Hanabi VENOM
Epic Angela VENOM
Epic Grock VENOM

Epic Gusion VENOM
Epic Harley VENOM
Epic Lancelot Floral Knight
Epic Grock Codename Rhino
Epic Moskov Blood Spear

Epic Esmeralda Blazing Shadow
Epic Layla Blazing Gun
Epic Aldous Blazing Force
Epic Harley Great Inventor
Epic Chang`e Vine Cradle

MPL Wanwan E-girl
MPL Jawhead Cyber Ranger
Claude Earth's Mightiest
Pharsa Samba Muse
Limited Eudora Vivo Selfie Goddess
Limited Miya Honor
Helcurt Ice Scythe
Ruby Edelweiss
Jawhead Space Explorer
Gatotkaca Arhat King
575 Harith Fashion Expert
Harley Referee
Christmas Eudora Christmas Carnival
Christmas Miya Christmas Carnival
Rafaela Seraphic Selfie
Natalia Deadly Mamba
Belerick Emerald Guardian
575 Zilong Storm Rider
Bruno Neymar Jr
Selena Gothic Curse
Harley Pulsar Prodidy
Cyclops Straw Doll
Martis Deathrock
Alpha Crimson Warrior
Terizla Hammer Giant
Miya Moon Priestess
Mathilda Floral Crown
Thamuz Abyssal Reaper
Halloween Leomard Jack-o'-lantern
Halloween Barats Baratstein
Halloween Lylia Haunted Doll
Halloween Angela Scream Doll
Halloween Franco Wheatfield Nightmare
Halloween Lolita Impish Trickster
Summer Freya Beach Sweetheart
Summer Fanny Lifeguard
Summer Hayabusa Sushi Master
Summer Kagura Summer Festival
Summer Nana Sundress
Summer Akai Summer Party
Summer Clint Sun 'n Sand
Valentine Clint Guns and Roses
Valentine Gusion Dangerous Liaison
Valentine Lesley Dangerous Love
Valentine Khufra Gentleman Thief
Valentine Cermilla Phantom Countress
Lunar Fest Aurora Foxy Lady
51 Starlight Skins
59 Special Skins
78 Elite Skins
Magic Wheel 29
Aurora Summon 90
BP 1.6m
Profile Gifts 196
Popularity 120k
Tickets 71.6k
New Arrival Token x25
Twilight Coin 602
Hero Fragments 84
Pink Fragments 4947
Blue Fragments 138
StarLight Fragments 2402
Lucky Guess Coin 5900
Like x621
Gift Hello Kitty x1
Gift StarLight Wish Bottle x10
Gift Skywhale x2
Gift Airship x2
Gift No. 10 Jersey x4
Gift Hello Kitty x1
8 Permanant Notification Effects
31 Permanant Spawn Effects
27 Permanant Recall Effects 
Epic - Seal of Anvil Crawlers
Speical - Snowman 
17 Permanant Elimination Effects
45 Sacred Statues
100+ Emotes
27  Action Emotes
Bind/Email Clean

Item Type
Mobile Legends
Delivery Method
Current Account Binding
Unbounded Account/phone
Estimated delivery time
4 Hours
11.11 hayabusa, 123 heroes, 19 time limited epic skins, 30 epic skins, 3 transformers, 6 legend skins, abyss selena, epic recall seal of anvil crawlers, saintsaiyachoulibra
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6Leg | 11.11Haya | AbyssSele | ChouLibra | 4KOF | 3Transformers | 19 Time Limited Epic skins and more


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