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Gray Zone Warfare Cash - 100k USD for 50$ or 250kUSD for 100$ or custom offers

Average Response Time: TBD

Hello, We are a team of players who have piled together our coins/items from playing video games and would like to sell them to the market at a fair price. 


We have a large stock of gray zone warfare coins. 


We are selling at the rate of 100k USD for 50$ or 250kUSD for 100$ or custom offers available upon messaging. 


Private Message us with your request so that we can make an offer similar to this for the right price and purchase amount until they add the currency section on the website. 


We deliver to CSI.


In the event you crash/bugout or crash before you get to the home base and lose the product this is NOT OUR FAULT and we will not refund or reimburse for any reason. 


We need you to send us your in game player ID so we can invite you to a squad to find you or make arrangements to meet.


Thanks for checking us out.

Item Type
In-Game Items
In Stock
Delivery Method
Estimated delivery time
24 Hours
Seller Review
No reviews yet.

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