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10 Mythic Chibi + 6 Mythic Arenas and 900 Skins + SALE! Season 1 Account

Average Response Time: a day

Letting go of my pride and Joy main account, comes with the original email with MATCHING Username in the email, this account is STACKED with TFT PREMIUM goodies as well as a very nice amount of work done on Summoners Rift!


The account is currently sitting in OCE, but it can be changed to ANY Region of your choice, as soon as you purchase it!


If you're looking for the perfect new Main Account, this has everything you need, not to mention you have 4,200 RP to transfer regions and have a little extra left over for TFT or Summoners Rift!


ALSO the account has 275 Mythic Essence to use on your favourite champion skin


All my accounts come with Warranty + Full Access and you will also receive the DOB and FULL Recovery information provided so you become the new TRUE OWNER of this beast of an account!


Imgur Link ~ TFT - https:// imgur . com/a/N12zKOL


10 Mythic Chibis are:        ** Note, 1 Mythic Chibi average cost is around $200 USD to top up and pull for yourself.


PRESTIGE Dragonmancer Yasuo

Dragonmancer Yasuo

Firecracker Jinx

Summer Splash Ao Shin

Choncc the Wise

Guqin Sona

Spirit Blossom Ahri

NEW* Chibi Spirit Blossom Yone

NEW* Battle Academia Ezreal

NEW* Pengu Cosplay Tristana


6 Mythic Arenas are:          ** Note, 1 Mythic Arena average cost is around $200 USD to top up and pull for yourself.

Sanctuary of the Ancient

Heaven's celestial Court

Golden Tiger Market

Golden Dragon Skyscraper

NEW* Battle Academia: Ultimate showdown

NEW* Tournament of Souls Arena




Summoners Rift skins total can be seen in the images, currently sitting at around 900 skins +


Imgur Link ~ Summoners Rift - https:// imgur . com/a/kTJLkLR


Summoners Rift images can be seen in the Imgur list above, and same with the TFT content, if there is any specific images you want to see, please contact me and allow me to help you.



Payment method: PayPal friends and family, or WISE payment, 


Price: $950 Buy out ~ Or best offer gets it!


Trade guardian can be used, at buyers expense. Happy to make sure i work around you and your needs


thanks for looking!

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League of Legends
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Current Account Binding
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Full Email Access
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1 Day 24 Hours
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