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[Verified Seller] PC ONLY | Level 548 | 25 Skins | Galaxia, Predator, Diamond Diva | 400 VBUCKS | BP Season 7, 8, 15 | FULL EMAIL ACCESS | 100% Safe!

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  Don't get scammed, buy a secure account the first time!Verified Seller - 100% guarantee with lifetime warranty  PC ONLY VERSIONPSN & XBOX ARE LINKED (YOU CAN'T BIND YOUR PSN & XBOX)  FULL EMAIL ACCESS  Account level - 548; 25 skins  Maxed out skins - Blackheart, Galaxia, Hybrid, Lynx, Zenith, Kondor, Mancake, Mave, Powder, Sgt. Winter, Trog. 400 VBUCKS  Music - War's Horizon, Rise of the Devourer, Ahoy!, Banger, Bunny Bounce, Disco, Festive, Flip Reset, Merry Chipmas, Old School Anthem, Sparkles, Star Power Remix, Storm Shredder, Twist.  Battle Passes:Season 7 - 93 levelSeason 8 - 31 levelSeason 15 - 67 level  Skins (Many maxed): Lynx, Zenith, Blackheart, Wingman, Summit Striker, Sidewinder, Lt. Evergreen, Trog, Powder, Onesie, Sgt. Winter, Tart Tycoon, Hybrid, Wooly Warrior, Snowmando, Galaxia, Diamond Diva, Green Arrow, Mave, Predator, Mandalorian, Mancake, Gingerbread Raider, Kondor, Reese Pickaxes: Groot's Sap Axes, Scratchmark, Scorcher, Dragon's Claw, Shortbread Slicers, Perfect Point, Boulder Breakers, Shooting Starstaff, Peppermint Pick, Frozen Axe, Dive Knives, Abominable Axe, Guiding Glow, Lug Axe, You Shouldn't Have!, Fork Knife, Ice Breaker, Oath & Sorrow, Swag Smasher, Ne'jari Warhammer, Beastfang, Toe Pick, Smash O'-Lantern, Cosmic Llamacorn, Josie, Throwback Axe, Boxing Glove Arrow, 6-Carat Cutter, Default Pickaxe Emotes: Boogie Down, Globe Shaker, Get Funky, Members Only, Hot Marat, Verve, Cat Flip, Infinite Dab, Dragon Stance, Mic Drop, Conga, Shimmer, Golf Clap, Gentleman's Dab, Team Tomato, Revel, T-Pose, Rock Paper Scissors, Take The Elf, Respect The Peace, Finger Guns, Rage Quit, Regal Wave, Hello Friend, So Square, Wakandan Salute, Boomin', Dance Moves, Mashed Potato, Introducing..., Call me, Sing Along, Flippin' Away Feedback Comment From Buyer Time View all feedback on gjboy
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Jan 11, 2020
Very Quick they responded immediately I was installing rockstar games though so it took me a while