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STW Founders | PC | L 747 | 83 Skins | S 1-16 | Merry Mint Axe | Glow | Prodigy | Havoc | Full Access - chicksfn155

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Why choose Chicks Gold?
Chicks Gold strives to provide the utmost comfort and satisfaction for customers using our services. We have been in business for over 5 years and have accumulated an outstanding reputation.

✔️Professional Services
We have a strong customer support team available 24/7. Any enquiries regarding an account will be conducted within minutes.

The lowest prices on the market
We go that extra mile to make sure our customers are receiving the most competitive prices on any account amongst our competition.

⚡Delivery time
We guarantee to have the fastest delivery time in the market. Every account will be instantly delivered upon purchase.

Full access to the account and email
Account Images: https://imgur.com/a/UuUUw5h
Account Level: 747
vb: 250

✅Free 7 Day Insurance

Additional Insurance Options:
6 Month Insurance: 15% Charge Rate
12 Month Insurance: 25% Charge Rate
Lifetime Insurance: 40% Charge Rate

Insurance Terms of Service

Chicks Gold insurance will protect you if by the slim chance your product has been recovered, you will be entitled o a full refund of the value of the account or a replacement for an account around the same value. Our insurance only covers recoveries by the original owner.
third party programs, in-game behaviour, gold selling, account sharing, or any form of negligence is not covered.
The account must remain in a secure, company email which has limited access. You may request a change of email but this results in our insurance being voided as we cannot conduct a full investigation.
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Current Account Binding
Unbounded Account/phone
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Seller Review (1)
Jul 04, 2020
10/10 will buy from here again