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Stacked Account (PC) 172 skin - (Season3 Reaper, Ikonik, Fresh emote) +more!

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   Hello, I'm selling my personal Fortnite account that I have been playing since Season 3 (2018). I played off and on some seasons but have accumulated a massive locker over the years. I've spent hundreds of $$$ and hours purchasing and unlocking all the content on the account. This includes Battlepass rewards and tons of items from the shop. I've taken some time to show and present to you the skins the account has to offer.  Skins                                                              https://imgur.com/a/LzOYtL2        - 172 total Skins      - 38 Legendary      - 78 Epic      - 29 Rare      - 6 Uncommon       - 3 Frozen Series (Store Bundle)      - 5 Marvel Series (Deadpool, Cable, Captain America, Domino, Psylocke)      - 4 DC Series (Aquaman, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, The Flash)      - 5 Gaming Legends Series (Chun-Li, Kratos, Lara Croft, Master Chief, Ryu)      - 3 Icon Series - (Lazarbeam, Loserfruit, Ninja)      - 1 Star Wars Series - (Mandalorian)  Backblings https://imgur.com/a/kMw3WPM     - 168 total Backblings       - 30 Legendary      - 71 Epic      - 36 Rare       - 9 Uncommon       - 3 Frozen Series      - 6 Marvel Series      - 3 DC Series      - 5 Gaming Legends Series      - 3 Icon Series      - 2 Star Wars Series   Harvesting Tools  https://imgur.com/a/JKZzZOa      - 116 total Harvesting Tools  Gliders https://imgur.com/a/kjuarEA     - 90 total Gliders    Contrails https://imgur.com/a/6xOKmzQ    - 54 total Contrails   Emotes https://imgur.com/a/TMhdzJa     - 150 total Emotes (399 including Toys, Emoticons, Sprays, ect.)      "Fresh" emote and "Scenario" (Ikonik) Emote Extremely rare! Also includes all Season 3 battlepass emotes and "Orange Justice" (Season 4).   Wraps https://imgur.com/a/tkAIl0a     - 78 total Wraps   Some last things worth mentioning, This account also has Save the World (PVE) and over 400+ Logins.for some bonus Vbucks. Earn up to 50 a day and 150-800 every week just by logging in.  https://imgur.com/a/b9qP13i  With rare items such as Ikonik Skin and Emote, Fresh Emote and tons of Store Starter Bundles or Characters, there is a ton of unique value on the account on top of hundreds of skins and emotes all together. All Fortnite Subscription rewards so far are here.. One last Bonus     There are other games in the library of this Epic Account such as Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 and others from free months that i've gathered/purchased. Please Enjoy any of these extra games. https://imgur.com/a/hO7JIAV   Thank you and feel free to message if you have any questions.     Feedback Comment From Buyer Time View all feedback on Yourboyrev
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May 25, 2020
Just what I needed & for a great price!
Dec 09, 2019
great price great item works fine