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[PC/PSN/XBOX/NINTENDO] 70 Skins | Black Knight , AC/DC , Sparkle Specialist , Floss , Fresh , Royale Knight , Blue Squire , Mako Glider , Royale X Glider | Mail ACCESS

Average Response Time: TBD

👑 Instant delivery

👑 It does not have access to mail, only a code when it's time to change mail

👑  Works for the platforms indicated in the name.

👑  Before leaving a bad review, please contact me first. We can always figure out what's going on. Your bad review cannot be changed and I will be much less interested in solving your problem as it is already marked as a bad order. Please always contact me and then leave a review.

👑 Usually, you can't change your email for up to 3 months (But there may be exceptions)

👑  Do not contact Epic Games support, because your account will be blocked and the warranty will not be valid.

👑  If you buy the bonuses on your account, I will not be able to do anything and the guarantee will not be valid.

👑  We do not provide refunds if you decide that you do not need this account or you do not like it. Please read everything carefully before making a purchase.

👑 Avoid sending multiple codes (2FA, password reset) and changing your account password frequently. In addition, if you want to buy vbucks skins/emotions as a gift from an alternative account, if you make transactions on the account you bought, it will most likely be banned, since these actions may lead to account blocking. In such cases, claims for warranty, replacement or refund will not be accepted.

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Delivery Method
Current Account Binding
Bounded to existing email/phone
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Full Email Access
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