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【 High Tier Account 】CS2 PRIME | 2018,19,21,22 MEDALS |3 COINS | 1000 Hours | Full Access

Average Response Time: TBD

⛔ Hey , Dear Customers , Thanks for choosing us , This account comes with original Mail Access ⛔ ⚡The Product includes the following :- ✔️CS2 PRIME ACCOUNT ✔️CS2 PREMIER UNLOCKED ✔️2018 Service Medal ✔️2019 service medal ✔️2021 service medal ✔️2022 service medal ✔️5 Year Veteran Coin ✔️10 Year Birthday Coin ✔️Loyalty Badge ✔️Global Offensive Badge ✔️1000 + Hours ✔️Full Access Account ✔️No bans in any games ✔️ Includes Special Profile as well ✔️High Tier Cs2 BEST ACCOUNT ✔️Faceit not created , so you have faceit access as well ! ⚡Your Account will be automatically delivered " INSTANTLY" after your purchase ⚡

Item Type
Delivery Method
Current Account Binding
Bounded to existing email/phone
Hand-Over Method
Full Email Access
Estimated delivery time
1 Hour
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