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LEVEL:43 KT [14] | Cards +100 | Cards LvL15: 1 | Cards LvL14: 10 |. Cards LvL13: 5 | ANDROID / IOS | INSTANT DELIVERY |

Average Response Time: a day

My Trading Profile

. I am a reliable seller. I have been selling accounts since 2015.

100% safe and secure and my accounts and lifetime warranty.

My priority is customer satisfaction, we will provide the best accounts with the best prices and the best services.

You can check all my feedback here

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Further information

My accounts can play on Android or iOS.

All my accounts are available.

Fast delivery, support and 24-hour response.

Buyer Full access to account, email and password will be given to buyers.

.If you are using zeusx for the first time, get help if you do not know how to support

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You can check all my accounts for sale here

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Payment methods Purchase through zeusx

Purchase process: (Just click on "Buy Now" at the bottom, then click on Payment on the next page, select the payment method, then fill in the blanks, after your payment is done, then activate your order and Fill out the confirmation form after zeusx to confirm your payment, they have a two-way conversation (I will send the account information there).

Item Type
Delivery Method
Current Account Binding
Unbounded Account/phone
Estimated delivery time
1 Hour
Seller Review (1)
Feb 25, 2024
Good Delivery by Seller! <auto-update by ZeusX after 48 hours>