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Pokemon Go
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Lvl 28 has 265 Pokémon 5 shinys, 5 legendarys 1 100% Iv Pokémon, 9 eggs, 334 items and 66 pokecoins
Random number of Pokemon Random number of Shinies Random number of Shadow Conntact me via discord for special request like account boosting, farming ... IReverse #2236
I stopped playing this game and I have grined a lot so I need the money and I wanna sell my account. 34 level lucky shiny raiquaza Shiny entei 20+ raiquazas A lot of good stuff 4k gold =40$ Big pokedex I am taking paypal We are gonna speak about the price on discord Add me Bogrinovic#2122 If you're good I can give you it 45 to 70 Please I need a buyer.
dialga metagross kyurem thunderus landerus thornadus lucky charizard charizard moltres zapdos and many more
40 legend including mew and mewtwo 36shinny
I am selling a lvl 39 account with over 200 shines and with over 15 pokemons with 4 IV and over 300 with 3 IV and with 8 lucky pokemons that are rare to. In a storage in this account are 4 remote passes and over 15 inceanses.And lots of ultra balls and and normal pokeballs and I have on this account also over 200 pineapples and lots of golden raspberries.
This is the good game for you
Selling level 42 account. Can change name and email address. Gmail account. 869 Shinies 259 legendaries 4K stardust
Level : 36 Team : Valor PokeCoins : 37 Outfit : have 5 Different outfit Mega evolve : gyarados ,ampharos ,charizard and pidgeot For more information can contact me with Instagram : @rafly.mahdavikia WhatsApp : +6282116207328 The price still can change
I got 84 shiny’s and 74 legendary and a shadow mewto thats 83% and 3749 cp and 13 100% IV Pokemon