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Brawl Stars
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30k cups 47/47 brawlers 52k star points 9k gold 62 gems 44 brawlers with star powers lots of paid skin
The account was made in 2018, i have all the brawlers in the game all at power 9. Most of them have at least a starpower and a gadget. I have 11k gold 70 gems to change the name of you want. Level 168 account and 25k trophy.
I have been playing brawl stars since it went beta for Android so I am not really interested in it anymore. The account has a lot of exclusive skins and is also almost maxed out. Dm me on discord for more info: CoolName #1337
Pro brawl stars account been playing it for years and spent at least 300 on this account - Personal best: 35.2k - 51 skins in total - 46/47 brawlers no squeak - 2/46 r30 - 40/46 r25-29 - Almost a max account (my luck with chests are bad - 15 wins in challenge Please do dm me for more pics or info if ure interested or u can whatsapp me at +65 81812393 transaction will be simple transfer me the money through paypal and ill give u my email address and then the 6 digit code. Thank you and have a great day~
❗️CONTACT BEFORE YOU BUY ❗️ Description: -2340 trophies -21 brawlers (one legendary, one mythic, three epics and all rares and super rares) Exclusive skins: -Barbarian King Bull -Red Dragon Jessie -Old School Brock
I sell my account ,played for 2 years and spend about 50 dollars on it. ALL brawlers unlock lv9 or 10 with 40 STAR POWERS AND ALL gadgets, 8 exclusive skins ( darryl; bo,...) 27K TROPHIES, 10K GOLD, 30K STAR POINTS, 32 GEMS. price: 39 usd very cheap because i just want to get rid of it But NEGOTIABLE. PAYPAL friends and family. SOME Box available; SEND message here or add me on discord for fast answer: ultrapk123#1096 no trap or scam.
Full email access: If you bought from me before, you can get discount: Automatic delivery!
Brawl Stars Smurfing Account! Description: -2560 Trophies -25 brawlers unlocked (16 under rank 10)
List of Skins -Merchant Gale -Mecha Paladin Surge -King Lou -Belle Goldhand -Sakura Spike -Night Mecha Crow -Werewolf Leon -Shark Leon -Iris Tara -Pink Piper -Ricochet -Bunny Penny -Road Rage Carl -Wizard Barley -Shiba Nita -Outlaw Colt -Barbarian King Bull -Summer Jessie -Shadow Knight Jessie -Red Dragon Jessie -Beach Brock -Super Ranger Brock -Old School Brock -Bellhop Mike -Light Mecha Bo -College Emz
Email me : [email protected] if you want to buy Payment is : Xbox gift card, Amazon gift card